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Steven “Orangeman” James

What follows are materials related to the case of ACTUAL INNOCENCE of Steven James, known to those who care about him as “Orangeman”. His case is another in the tragic Massachusetts history of wrongful convictions such as those in the Shawn Drumgold, Stephen Cowans, and Kenneth Waters cases. Steven James DID NOT commit the crime he is convicted of and has spent the last two and a half decades in prison as an INNOCENT MAN!!! replica hublot watches

This is a story of legal neglect, evidence manipulation and misinterpretation, courtroom misconduct, and overall abandonment of human rights in the quest for retributive justice which seeks “convictions at any cost.” The facts, on their face, make it clear to any observer, that Steven James is innocent and could not have committed the crime he has been incarcerated for over the past 25 years, but yet he still remains in prison. What could be more abhorrent to a free society and to a free press than that? Cheap replica watches

We ask you to please cover the story of Steven James. We need to his case into the Court of “public opinion” so that he can obtain the freedom he so desperately deserves. replica luxury watches

Steven James should not spend another day in prison for a crime he did not commit and should be home with his daughter and his family and those who love and miss him.”


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  1. how do I contact you all so I can get in touch with the state’s representatives.

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