Steven A. James aka “Orange Man”

What follows are the details of a tragic case of ACTUAL INNOCENCE here in Massachusetts which has forced a young and promising man to spend over two and a half decades in prison for a crime he DID NOT commit.

This is a story of many tragic failures: Failures of our criminal justice and judicial systems, failures on the part of lawyers and investigators, but most tragic is the failure of our current society to call for far more effective mechanisms for men like Steven James to have brutal instances of major injustice like this addressed and fully corrected.

Evidence in this case was manipulated and misinterpreted by the highest court in the Commonwealth. At this point the Supreme Judicial Court has failed to revisit their clear and absolute errors, placing Steven James in a position where it is near impossible to obtain the justice he so deserves. Decades pass and he remains in prison.

The good news here is that community agencies and media outlets are starting to take notice of this case ACTUAL INNOCENCE!! We are asking and need your support to gain the freedom of Steven James, known as Orangeman to all that care about him so overwhelmingly deserves.

Following this short case description you will find a brief history of the details of the case. All the facts can be supported by official legal documents, many of which are linked by hypertext to the history outline. We ask you to please review the facts and convey your outrage to the entities we include after the brief history of the details. Please help us correct this tragic injustice and FREE ORANGEMAN!!!

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