We Need Your Help!

S T E V E N  J A M E S

“O R A N G E M A N”


We need your help!

Steven James was convicted of a crime he absolutely did not commit!! In 1992 Steven James known as Orangeman to those who care about him, was convicted of MURDER under the theory of joint venture. It is a tragic and full failure of our criminal justice/judicial system. This is a clear and convincing case of ACTUAL INNOCENCE and we, the supporters of Steven James, need your help in obtaining the justice Mr. James deserves after all these years in prison for a crime he did not commit. rolex replica

This is a story of many tragic failures; failures of our criminal justice and judicial systems, failures on the part of lawyers and legal investigators, but most tragic is the failure of our current society to demand more effective mechanism for men like Steven James to have brutal instance of major injustice like this addressed and fully corrected. This is your opportunity to change societal failure and help to FREE an INNOCENT MAN!! What can possible be more important than that in free society? zegarki repliki

Evidence in this case was manipulated at the trial court level, ignored at the appeals court level, and misinterpreted by the Supreme Judicial Court. This leaves Steven James one last place to have his case of ACTUAL INNOCENCE heard; that being in the Court of Public Opinion! We need you to be part of the jury will finally correct this injustice and set Steven James FREE. orologi replica

Steven “Orangeman” James (a moniker he received as an aspiring music performer and considered to be a “term of endearment” by his family and friends) has fallen victim to a massive criminal justice machine which rightfully protects the rights of victims but abhorrently abandons those who have been wrongfully convicted. Massachusetts has a dark history of such wrongful convictions, such as the cases of Shawn Drumgold, Steven Cowans, and Joseph Salvati, to name just a few, and the case of Steven James is just as clear and convincing, if not more so, than those other cases of actual innocence which have preceded it. We must obtain justice for Steven NOW!! https://www.dziwnezegarki.pl/ repliki zegarków

We need you to help us to get the tragic wrongful conviction of Steven James into the forefront of public discussion. We need to bring the details to the legal community, to the Innocence Projects which were formed after the string of wrongful convictions here in Massachusetts, and ensure that Steven has his day in court at which time he obtains the freedom he so desperately deserves and that we as a free society owe him. We must ensure that every criminal justice advocacy agency is aware of the plight of Steven James. We must reach out to all media outlets and request that they do all within their power to inform the public about the wrongful convictions and actual innocence of Steven James. We also need to urge the legislature to involved through contacting our local State Representatives and State Senators. replica rolex

What follows this desperate plea on the behalf of Steven James is a list of organizations we ask you to contact. We also ask you to please contact your local newspaper and television outlet as well. It is also essential that you contact your local state legislator and ask them to look at the details of this case of actual innocence. You can also contact us directly to coordinate efforts.

Thank you so much for your time and involvement. Injustice for one is injustice for all! FREE STEVEN JAMES

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